Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Heart Edward Cullen

I Love Edward.
It is so sad but totally true.
I am dying for the next book to come out and I am boycotting all other books until I can read Breaking Dawn.
I really feel better.
Also, I have a widget at the bottom of the page if you would like daily quotes from Stephenie Meyer from Breaking Dawn.
I need help.
What is really crazy is that Chloe tried to get me to read the book last year and I told her no.
Then when I did pick it up, I read it in one day!
Then the second book in a day.
The third book three days b/c my family needed to eat.
Hilarie, one of my favorite blogging friends said,"Now don't you feel silly for having those books in your house for a year!"
Very silly indeed.


Melanie said...

julie julie julie! now, i haven't gotten into those books, but I do have a sad, but true confession...I also have a lotion problem. since we're packing up, I'm obviously coming across tons of stuff....so today I thought that I would pack up our linen closet....I have a total of 36 lotions...I kid you not....sad I know!

Julie said...

Melanie- 36! WOW! Now I feel better! I guess you don't need any lotions for a while.

Texas Tingey said...

Oh Julie!! You are so funny. I am excited to for Breaking Dawn!! I have got to figure out a way to get it while I'm gone. uhg!!
You better not even think about it, until you get back from your weekend trip or you may be in trouble!!
I guess we better start looking into getting our shirts made???

Hilarie said...

Oh Julie - Welcome to the dark side. It's embarassing over here. Do you want to take a trip to Barnes & Noble with me at midnight on the 2nd. I'll be there and I am pretty sure that I'll be finished with the book by that night! :)

* By the way - yesterday I heard Parker saying to my niece, "Demi, do you think my hair would be cool sticking up like Edward's?"

Is it bad my 5 year old uses the word 'vampire' at least once a day?

Jamie said...

Okay, am I the only person in the world NOT reading these books?! I am officialy jumping on the band wagon and starting the 1st book on the airplane ride to Mexico in September. I figured I could read it while flying and while relaxing on the beach. Since you finished yours so quickly they must be good. In which case maybe I should buy all of them. :)

Julie said...

Yes, Jamie, you should buy all of them. You will be a crazy lady in Mexico without the next book! And Hilarie, you won't believe it but I am going to San Diego with Dana that week-end and I am going to have to wait to read until I get back!!!!!

Br Boys said...

Girlfriend, I think we are going to be in San Diego together when Breaking dawn comes out. Yea! I'm reading Eclipse again just so I remember everything. It's just as good the second time around. Can't wait to see you. Much love, Amy

loven it! said...

i am so excited too!! i love that series!! can't wait to see what happens!