Friday, September 4, 2009

Backfiring Behaviors

I have known for some time that I tend to want the house, car, clothes to be as close to perfect and clean as possible. This behavior was easily obtained when just having one child. I know I was made fun of by others b/c when I had Cole, people were snickering and laughing about my fall from grace. Well, 4 children later I have still tried to maintain an orderly life, although less than before the others.(others=Cole, Mallory, Mia) Well, I have noticed some behaviors that have me thinking my intentions may have hurt my children. The first sign was figuring out that my children all prefer to play somewhere other than their house. At first I was offended but then decided to investigate. Turns out they just don't want kids to come over and mess up their rooms. Case in point Mallory and Mia were told to invite Aubrey over so they can remember what it is like to have a friend over. They "let" her play in their room for about 10 min
and decided the best plan of action was to relocate to Cole's room. Pretty clever, huh? Notice his room is much more played in. Then I see a post from my friend Debbie and I think I am so glad my kids have not done that! Although a sweet little boy I watched did it was and I actually cried.

Well, I am in the girls closet today and I never shut the door b/c it is so small but I am getting a toy and see this. Blue crayon on the BACK side of the door. Oh, little sneaky girls. And pencil on the back side of the laundry door. Upon investigation, Mallory stated that she did it but didn't want me to see it b/c she new I would be mad. The mean face kind of mad. Ouch! Maybe I have created some monsters.


Texas Tingey said...

LOL! I get it! Clever gal. Oh the joys of motherhood!