Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Designers Challenge

I am hanging all of my designing dilemmas on anyone willing to put their opinions out there and give me some help! I do really need advice.

1. In the kitchen I can't figure out what to put up there in no mans land above the cabinets. I know that fake greenery is not for me and other than that I have no idea! The large piece of wood was a lame attempt last week to fill the space but clearly not doing the job.

Red wall in kitchen

2. On the Bigger problems in the living room. The room is completely open to the kitchen. All the walls are painted brown bag except for one wall in the kitchen which is painted red. The problem is all my furniture is also brown. I have red accents here and there but really need some help. I can't buy new furniture so I am thinking of painting the armouire like the Nester did and maybe the coffee table. Or possibly replacing the table. But what colors? Is it a mistake to paint?

Office area behind the couch. Need some old suitcases to put the printer on.

Brown Brown Brown

More brown with a splash of red.

So there is my sad brown room for all to see. Now let's see some great advice to help me out!


Lewis Family said...

Your white fireplace doesn't match anything (and it's beautiful!), so I say paint your coffee table white to pull the fireplace in, and make a couple of white pillows to throw around and brighten up that space. For no man's land up above, use it for (food) storage and make some curtains to match the rest of the kitchen and hang a curtain rod up there to cover it up and also to tie into the rest of the kitchen. JMO. Have fun!

Lewis Family said...

p.s. I love the idea of painting the armoire, too, but I'd move it afterwards, otherwise you have a corner of white stuff over there. I'd put it behind the couch where the desk is and move things around (I am really bad at constantly moving furniture around! I get it from my mother...).

Jenn said...

Your house always looks GORGEOUS to me so I am absolutely no help! You're naturally such a great designer. I'll have to have you come consult me on designing my new house.

ginger said...

Don't do it Julie! I say leave the armoire alone. It has black hardware that matches your table, office area etc. What about painting your coffee table black instead?

As for above the cabinets you have lots of beautiful dishes have you tried those?

I'm going to get my camera out and look at my house with a different eye thanks for the inspiration!

Jamie said...

I have a suggestion for the kitchen...simple, cheap and cute. You know those wooden words that you can find pretty much anywhere... Garden Ridge, Hobby Loby (ex: Live, Laugh, Love, Family, etc) I have them in black and really think they look cute on top of the cabinets. Or a cute plate (red) sitting on a nice balck iron-rod stand would look cute.

As far as the living room goes, I say do the Armoire or coffee table or both in black...a rustic, crackled black....ohhhhh, so cute! :) You know how much I love black furniture. :) Lots of work though... I would love to help.

Best of luck! Your house is beautiful and you are a great decorator!!