Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall is here...at least in my house

If you wait for it to LOOK like fall or FEEL like fall in Houston, you might get lucky around the end of November. So if your sweet hubby tries to act all I know what season it is and why are you putting out pumpkins. Just Smile. A Really sweet smile. And say," Babe, it is fall on the calendar, so I am trying to teach the children seasons, even though we don't have them here in Houston."
Try it.

Here are some of my fall favs. Cute garland from the Hob Lob.

Little pumpkin from last year. Love him.

The entry table in all her glory. I just love all the colors in this season. Did you know I luv orange? Yes, it is true.

I am not finished with the mantle. I need to white pumpkins on the candle holders and a better ribbon for the wreath.
And my last little tip is to get a great smelling fall candle or plug in and whatever. That always helps fill in the gap when there is no fall to be found except in your home!


Jenn said...

We have the same fireplace! Love it. Now I just need time to find Fall decor for it! You go girl

Texas Tingey said...

I love y'alls little pumpkin men. Sooo cute! YOur home is lovely, as always.
I told my hubby I was gonna buy up a bunch of fall garlands to wrap around our trees....that is how desperate I am getting for a change in season. lol :-)

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

You know, up here in Plano we have seasons.....HA! That doesn't mean that I've got my pumpkins out yet though. When I do I'm thinking I might need to make some hats so they can look like your little pumpkin man - so CUTE!