Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mini Family Reunion

John and JJ
Granny A and JJ
All the kids! Joseph, John, Natalie, Julie, Nicole and Jessica
Mallory and JJ. Mallory insisted on holding him the entire time!

Chloe and Aunt Jessica
Cole and Mallory being directed to look like you like each other.
Julie, Natalie, Jessica and Nicole. The sisters.

Cole, Joseph, Mallory, Chloe and Nicole.

After the party, we all drove to Georgetown to hang out and enjoy being all together. Here are some pictures of all of us. We had fun and I wish we could have stayed longer.


Texas Tingey said...

You are all so beautiful! I am so happy you got to spend time with ALL your family.

Kelly said...

Now I know who everyone at the party was...You guys definately look like sisters...that's great cause you wouldn't be able to put my sisters and I together

Br Boys said...

Hey Jewels,
It's Amy from Ricks. I just happen to come across your blog. I can't believe it's been like 13 years since I've talked to you. I've tried so many times to contact you and I couldn't find you. Hey check out my blog @ farnsworthbk. love ya,Amy

Watley said...

Had so much fun! Archie looks a bit 'honky'! I love my 'honky'! & yall need to move back here!!!

Jamie said...

I just looked at Cathy's blog and saw your pictures. CUTE, CUTE!! She is so talented. You did a great job coordinating their outfits...all four looked great! What an adorable family you have!!