Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mia and Cole's Big Bash

Mallory enjoying the really bright pink cupcakes!

Gorgous sister Nicole. Are you shocked that Cole is in love with her?

While Mia's friends were painting pots inside, Mia insisted on painting a box outside!
Cole and his big moment.
My sister Natalie and her husband Archie.
Cole and his construction crew in front of their build.( A house made from the box I took from the water heater man.
Mia and her finger puppet! By the way, Mia went thru three outfits at her party!

My cute brother John and his super cute wife Cindy. They came to Texas for a visit from Utah and came to Houston for a few days to visit. We had the best time! Please move here!
Cole's cake that Cindy made. How cute is that? You would think I had her over just to make a cake! ( Juat plain luck she is talented cake decorator.)
Mia's flower table.(she only got a table due to the combo theme.
More of her flower corner!
JJ, is he about the most adorable baby boy ever!

Just so I am clear about this, I did lose my mind and throw both parties at the same time. All five of my brothers and sisters came and I thought Cole would feel let down when his party came the following week and no aunts or uncles were there. So I forged ahead with the flower/construction worker combo party! I will say it was a mad house and I have some concerns I may have scared a few friends but all in all it was awesome! I had tons of help from my family and the kids had a blast. Now I am not saying we will do that again, ever, but for the occasion, it was the perfect party! Family, friends, food and fun!


Jamie said...

Cute, cute parties!! So glad you got to spend the weekend with family...there is nothing better!

HoustonMamaJenn said...

Looks like the Combo Party was quite a success! Cute family! Looks like everyone family and friends alike had an amazing party and how perfect was that cake!! Must have been hard to cut into it! I like all the black and white pictures as well-gives that classic look.

Texas Tingey said...

I know it was crazy, mostly for you, but it was fun! Aubrey loves her flower!! Thankyou.