Monday, May 5, 2008

Talking about Shoes....Again!

I am learning how to hyperlink, so please excuse my crazy post. I have been wanting to brag about these shoes. My girls love them and they are the cutest shoes you have ever seen! They fit infants better than any other shoes and they have a great selection. Their shoes for boys are so darling, much cuter than anything else out there. So happy shopping! Remember girls can't have too many shoes!


Jamie said...

Yes, LOVE this brand!! And how can one not like pink and brown together...especially polk-a-dots! :) Have you ever heard of or tried Puddle Jumper Shoes?? Oh so cute as well!

How'd the B-day parties go?? I'm sure you will be blogging the pics right?! ;)

HoustonMamaJenn said...

They are so perfect! I love brown and pink together! Yes we're dying to hear how the party(x 2 went).

loven it! said...

These are my favorite!! i can't wait to get some for my new little one. i actually have a friend here who can get them wholesale! yeah!