Thursday, May 29, 2008

Chloe's 8th grade Award

Her basketball ball coach handing her award.
Chloe and friends from church with all their goods.
Chloe and a close up of her trophy.

Two weeks ago we received a letter stating that Chloe was to receive an award at the Eighth Grade Awards Ceremony. So since then we have been trying to guess which class she would be getting an award in. We narrowed it down to Science or Social Studies since she gets high grades in those classes. So when we arrived, there were the programs and what each person earned. So I look to see Chloe's name and she received ...drum roll please

Coaches Award of Excellence for Athletics!

I was so proud b/c Chloe tries so hard in athletics She was on the basketball team and track team at school. And the fact that the coached choose was even sweeter. She and one boy in all of eighth grade received the award. We are super proud of Chloe and all she does. She is excellent and now she has a trophy to prove it!


Jamie said...

Way to go Chloe!! I know you are a proud you should be! That is awesome! LOVE her dress by the way! :) When did she cut bangs?? It makes her look older. She is so cute!!

Texas Tingey said...

Yea Chloe! I just got off the phone with that girl of yours. She is so fun. She's pretty awesome, just like here mom.