Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Famous Mia

I took the kids to get their picture taken last week by an awesome lady named Cathy. A friend of mine, Jamie, had referred her so I knew she could manage my four kids. So we go and let me just say that wanting to poke my eyeballs out was on my mind! Watching my kids Not look at the camera, Not take direction and Not smile drove me nuts! But Chloe helped a Ton to get the kids engaged and smiling. So when Cathy e-mailed to ask to use a picture of Mia on her new Blog, I about fell out of my chair! You mean she got a good picture from my free-spirited, not going to have anyone tell her what to do daughter??? She is a genius. And now Mia is famous...sort of! And for the record, Chloe could not believe she picked a pic of Mia after all the trouble she caused. So I am giving Chloe credit for helping.(Even though Chloe was not helping with this particular pic!) So I can't wait to add a pic of the kids on the blog! Thanks Cathy!


Texas Tingey said...

AWESOME! And we know her!! She is adorable. You'd never know she put up such a fuss. Cathy (and Chloe) did a great job. I will be giving her a call this fall when I do my kids pics.

Jamie said...

LOVE it! Mia is so dang cute! I'm so glad you were happy with Cathy & your pics..though how could one not be happy with Ctahy's work...she is AMAZING!! Oh and tell Chloe great job too. ;)

HoustonMamaJenn said...

That picture is PERFECT! Like seriously she looks like a MODEL! What am I saying she IS A MODEL for a famous photographer.....Wow...I am in awe......Way to go Mia!!