Friday, June 6, 2008

Chloe's Eighth Grade Dance

Emily And Chloe at the school dance
Taelor and Chloe
Emily and Chloe sporting the limo look- yeah, L.A. should watch out!
Kelsey and Chloe before the SECOND dance
All the girls in the limo- don't even ask!

I am reading the previous post about Mia and thinking how sweet to have a two year old and all the joys of toddler hood. But now I am switching gears into an unknown land-teenager hood!!!!! It is quite interesting to balance these two mini-families we have. One family consists of three young children, always keeping us busy and entertained. Then there is this other family- Chloe. She is 8, 10 and 12 years apart from the other kids and was by herself for 8 years. So she is like an only child in a lot of ways. So while I am raising small children, teaching them the basics, I also am raising a teenager, who already knows all the basics and needs help remembering the basics and a lot of directing as she has new experiences all the time. So Cole graduated from kindergarten yesterday and Chloe graduated from middle school!! I feel the gray hairs multiplying. But Chloe is a great girl and is truly one of my very best friends in the world! I think because I had her so young(21), we kind of grew up together in a lot of ways. I enjoy watching her grow up and she slips away a little everyday. It hurts my heart when I know she will be gone in a few short years. But for now I will watch her moment to moment, memorizing her sweet mannerisms, enjoying her humor and outlook on life. And isn't she just gorgeous? Well, she is gorgeous inside and out. And I guess she will always be my baby, too. She made me a mom and I am forever grateful.


Texas Tingey said...

Julie, you are such a good mamma. Your kids are so lucky to have you.
Now, where are the pics? I have been dying to see that girl all dolled up in her pretty dresses!

Jamie said...

You have made me cry yet again. I cannot even imagine Savannah & Kylie going to their 8th grade dance...though I'm sure it will be here faster then I think.

You are such a great mom Julie and yes, that teenager of yours is beautiful...insie and out!

Best of luck to you throughout these teenage years. I'll be looking to you for advice one day. :)

Texas Tingey said...

Dana has a shot gun, right?? He may need it someday very soon.

Cathy Hengst said...

Gosh Julie you are making me cry two days in a row! So what is up with these 8th grade dances? Oh my goodness I am not sure I can handle that. You will have to fill me in on that when the time comes.....

Chloe is such a pretty girl and from what I saw of her she is an awesome sister too ;-)

Kelly said...

whaaaa...what will her prom be like :)

Kelly said...

oh, and tell her, I'm 26 and still have not riden in a limo!

HoustonMamaJenn said...

She is so gorgeous!!! And you are right on the inside and out because I am always so impressed with that girl!! She's so responsible and SHE's smart and ATHLETIC too. She has it all. Just like her Mom!