Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mia Growing Up

Mia's first days in wires
Me and Mia talking about life
Mia and her 'prissy' smile

I found her sleeping with her bow being used as a sleeping mask
Happy Mia
Still Happy

Watching Mallory......Still always watching Mallory

I have been thinking a lot about Mia and the fact that she is my "Baby" but really she is not a baby any longer. I can feel myself holding on a little tighter and wanting her not to grow up at all. I even try to cuddle her like a baby in the recliner and I will say,"Are you my baby?" And she replies every time,"No, I not your baby. I big girl!" Ouch! But I do remember when she was a baby and how I did cherish her every moment! So here is a memory lane tour of my Not a baby...baby.

Mia was 5 weeks early and although I thought I was prepared for a preemie, I was not. She weighed 6 pds so I thought she would be fine but her lungs were not fine and she spent 10 days in the NICU. I didn't even get to hold her the first day and the second night the nurse let me hold her, even though I wasn't suppose to b/c of her wires, IV lines, etc. She seemed so tiny since my baby before Mallory was 10 pds! (Another ouch.) But we did get her home on Cole's birthday and the day before Mother's Day. She was quiet most of the time, slept the entire summer and ate a lot. When she got older, she would hang onto me like a little monkey holds onto the mama and I loved it. She has always been very attached to me but pretty independent.

When she was in the NICU, one night Nurse Jenny called and told me they had finally been able to give her a bath(7 days old) and they thought Mia had red hair! Oh, was that a sign! Cole had predicted on a chart I made that Mia would have red hair and look like him! What he forgot to mention was that she would act like him! Mia is loud, climbs everything, has a mean temper and loves to snuggle, just like her brother! I always said I prayed for another girl but forgot to mention what personality I wanted! I got the girl but one just like my little man!

But Mia is bright, funny, caring and knows what she wants! I always wished I had been less shy and more outspoken as a child and Mia is showing me how it is done! But I don't worry that much about her- She takes care of herself. What a firecracker, what a perfect little red for me to love and watch. And what a blessing for the world to know!


Jensens6021 said...

I just happened upon your blog one day and have enjoyed checking in now and again. You tell such wonderful stories of family. Thanks for sharing.

From a fellow blogger.

Cathy Hengst said...

Julie how sweet, I have tears reading that b/c it is so how I feel. Ethan was a preemie as well 33 wks and weighed 5 12, It was so hard not getting to hold him, that first bath was so exciting to! And drinking ml's not ounces. Now he is 4 1/2 I still call him baby, and he loudly replies I am NOT a baby, gosh that just breaks your heart.

Your little Mia is one fun little girl! I can imagine she keeps you on your toes. She is just a doll!

Texas Tingey said...

Oh Julie! I just love that Mia of yours! You are right, she is a blessing for you and for the rest of the world.

Melanie said...

oh my gosh julie! i knew you while you were pregnant with mia and had no clue that she was that early!
this was such a sweet post. mia is such a cutie and can't believe how big she is! such a sweet girl!

Tueller Family said...

Julie!!! What are you up to girlfriend???!!! It certainly looks like you have moved on to bigger and better things since Ricks. Your family is beautiful! Do you still have your orange jeep? haha

I can't believe it has been over 15years since our WILD days in Rexburg. I miss them. What it was like to only worry about ourselves and staying out of trouble. (or trying to at least)

I have been back to Rexburg for Education week the last few years, and the campus has totally changed. But it brings back some really great memories. (Before you think I am really all into the ed classes, I just use it as an excuse to get together with my sisters and eat and shop in IF. Sad, but true, that we enjoy shopping in Idaho Falls)

Anywhoo, I am so glad you found my blog. Now I can keep up to date with your family. See if you can find one for Erika. I think she is married and living in Seattle. Also, Holly (the twin) might have a blog. I still get a Christmas card from her every year.

Take care, and I will check in often.


Jamie said...

Okay, thanks for making me cry! :) What a sweet, sweet post!! I think I am so emotional b/c I feel the same way about Savannah & Ky. They are just growing up way too fast and though it is exciting to watch them grow and watch their little persoanlities come out, it is so so sad too! I am truly missing that "baby stage" right now!

Cindy Merris said...

She is so stinken cute. We miss you guys!